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The Glovers show us how

PlanetChristmas started it all with the original Worldwide Decorating Contest and never imagined the number of incredible Christmas displays there were out there.  When the 2008 judges saw the first Shadrack display video shot from the other side of an Interstate exit in Knoxville, Tennessee they were dazzled by the sheer size.  Then when the judges saw the second video shot in Bristol, Tennessee they couldn’t believe the Glover family had built two independent displays at the same time.  They were then astonished to find out each display was controlled by 1,600 light circuits.  Finally, when the judges found out both of the Glover’s displays used only LED technology it was declared we had a double winner.

The Glovers

Above are the Glovers (Josh, Keith and Mikki)

Here’s a bit of what Keith, Mikki and Josh Glover submitted for the contest:

Shadrack Watersports and RV is proud to present Christmas Wonderland! From November through mid-January, each night our Bristol and Knoxville locations transform into a magical journey through light and sound.  Featuring hundreds of thousands of LED lights dynamically synchronized and dancing to the music, this experience is sure to be one that will not be soon forgotten!

This compilation of lights and music began as a dream several years ago.  After more than 7,000 hours of grueling physical labor, over 500 hours of tedious from-scratch programming, and hundreds of thousands of gorgeous lights, the vision turned slowly into reality. Every element used is completely handcrafted in-house; from the Mega Trees (with over 10,000 lights on each) to the shooting stars and from Virtual Santa to the leaping lights. Every movement of each bulb was individually programmed to create this incredible symphony of lights.  Many of the dazzling items are unique creations never before seen that were dreamed up, fabricated, and programmed in-house to give Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland a unique flair amongst our peers.

Being a Boat and RV dealership, business slows down significantly during the winter. Christmas Wonderland is a great way to keep our employees working and out of the unemployment line during our slow season. This is one example of how we are doing our part to combat a sagging economy and provide our workers secure employment.

When standing in the middle of Christmas Wonderland, drenched in the overwhelming sensory immersement of the experience, one can see the piece of art that this light show truly is.  It’s virtually impossible for the lay-person to really appreciate the precise nature of this programming and to note all the subtle but meticulous nuances the creator painstakingly crafted into each song.  Having been a part of the development and execution of such a beautiful thing is truly gratifying for us and all of our employees. After all of the long hours of work, each one of us breathed a collective sigh of satisfaction and awe at seeing the fruits of our labors.
Below are some things others had to say about our light shows:

I just saw this for the first time last night. Was absolutely spectacular! The lights are completely synchronized to the music. Incredible show. You tune into their own “radio station” to listen to the music as you drive thru. Best yet, a portion of proceeds goes to local food pantries AND my daughter’s high school has been volunteering at the light show and are getting donations to the band. great community involvement!

I love the light show. I went last year and just watched in amazement at the lights dancing to the music. The BEST light show in Bristol!! Hands down! Speedway has been outdone. I can not wait to see it this year. Thanks Shadrack!! Merry Christmas!!

One of the BEST light shows I have ever seen. I went last year to see it and I spent 3 hours just watching the lights dance to the music. It was amazing! Thanks Shadrack! Merry Christmas!! I can not wait to see it this year. 🙂
I’m gonna stay here for 100 million thousand years. Momma, can I sleep here?


From the August 2009 edition of PlanetChristmas Magazine

by The Glovers of Shadrack Camping

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