• Chuck Smith

    PlanetChristmas featured on Yahoo

    Did you know Yahoo used to have a video production group that created content for a channel called “Second Chance”?  Somehow they found a reluctant Chuck Smith of PlanetChristmas to do a story about. Chuck was on his way to the Christmas Ranch to help Michael Fuchs and was met by a film crew.  The rest is history.

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  • Elf meeting

    Rumor mill

    I have a normal eared brother that lives way down south. He’s a Christmas amateur, meaning he only thinks about it in December. His decorations consist of a predecorated tree from the discount store and an inflatable snowman in the front yard (with coffee stains on it, for some reason.) The good news is he knows to be a good dad to my super-cute niece that very much believes in what we do up here at the North Pole. My brother did his annual ‘Christmas Lights Tour 2011’ after extensive research on displays found via the Internet and made an…

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  • Zombie movies

    Rumor mill rumors

    I’m a Christmas dude. Always considered Halloween people to be way-too-weird for this normal-thinking elf. Zombie movies, haunted houses and a fascination for anything gory is just not normal. But, there’s that viral video of a house in the UK decorated for All Saints Day with giant pumpkins singing to the music. Not a drop of blood anywhere in sight. All of a sudden I’m seeing Halloween decorating potential. Kind of a warm-up to the real deal we call Christmas. Checkout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfcNoMnKjrY. At last check it had over seven million views. Watch out Carson Williams! Word on the street is…

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  • Huge Christmas village

    More Christmas village tips

    Christmas villages began during the 1700’s with the Moravians building a Putz. What’s a Putz? It’s a display featuring the nativity and tells the story though different scenes about Mary and Joseph on their journeys leading to the birth of Jesus. As the years went by these displays became more elaborate and by the end of the 1700’s people would have nativity scenes in their homes under the tree, on the fireplace mantle and even in china cabinets. By the beginning of the 1800’s these scenes started to have other items added and stories began to unfold. By the Victorian…

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  • Blowmold soldier


    Over the years many of us have seen this question asked over and over in the PlanetChristmas blow mold forum: “How many blow molds do you have?” It’s a funny thing, but it seems that a lot of enthusiasts/displayers/collectors cannot answer this simple question. I know I can’t. Blow molds have a tendency to multiply over time. Ask any enthusiast on the forum. I recently saw a signature line that read “Blow molds are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.” This is so true! Once the plastic bug bites you, it doesn’t like to let go. Before you…

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  • Marilyn's house

    Indoor displays

    Well it’s time to really get serious about your displays, both inside and out. Now, why in the world should we think about the inside, especially with all the time and work associated with doing the BIG display outside? There are many reasons to also consider doing an indoor display. First and foremost, who can walk into a home that is all decked out for the holidays and not smile? Indoor decorations add so much to the holidays, i.e. villages, Santa collections, etc. They become family traditions with pieces passed down from generation to generation. The little ones get so…

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  • WikiLeaks

    Here we go with the rumor mill

    This can’t be good. There’s been another data-dump onto the world from WikiLeaks. I just did a quick search for “Scuttlebutt” and luckily the government doesn’t mention me, this time. I’m on pretty thin ice as more secrets are revealed, at least when it comes to Christmas. With the price of copper trying to catch up with gold, this might be the year for non-traditional Christmas lighting. Less wire means less copper. What we thought was high priced in the past might look pretty cheap this year. I’m starting to see color changing tape light hit the shelves. It looks…

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  • Christmas Expo

    What’s Christmas Expo?

    We get this question, a lot. To most people Christmas is that time of year when there seem to be plenty of days off from work between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Christmas trees start popping up like weeds. Then there’s the challenge about getting into something called the Christmas spirit. It’s hard to define this time of year but it’s hard not to notice most people do seem a little nicer. Then there’s the hassle factor. All the amateur shoppers hit the stores in search of presents causing traffic headaches and long lines at the checkout. Relatives come to visit…

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  • Nuclear meltdown?

    The rumor mill again

    Government overthrows, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns. What in the world is going on with everyone down south? Sounds like the earth is falling apart. Head to the North Pole where everything is doing just fine. Hearing some disturbing rumors about LED pricing. Seems Christmas light production is moving to Vietnam where labor is cheaper yet the overall price of LED strings are going up 15% this year because of the never-ending shortage of copper. I’m sensing some sort of conspiracy similar to the pricing of gasoline. How can trouble in the Middle East yesterday end up with the price of…

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