• Merry Christmas from Texas

    The rumor mill never stops

    Been hearing some weird rumors from participants in the 2014 version of ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight. Decorating started sometime during the second week in September with final judging three weeks later. I’m thinking getting excited about your big Christmas reveal in early October could be challenging. Since participants aren’t allowed to tell anyone what they’re doing the neighbors might get a bit irritated seeing a big Christmas display weeks before Halloween. I’m guessing the timing is really convenient for the TV people having to create something for airing in December but if I was a contest participant, I’d be…

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  • Out of focus Christmas lights

    The Changing Light of Christmas Future

    Christmas decorating is something that we all enjoy doing. Well, most of us enjoy it at some point or another. The long hours, the tedious time sequencing, setting up the display, fixing lights that stop working… Okay, somewhere in there is the enjoyment. After all, it’s why we do it right? But lately, there is has been a large change in lighting and it needs to be addressed. This is the pixel and RGB lighting. What are Pixels and RGB? Pixels and RGB lighting are something that really aren’t new but is to the decorating community. With these lights, I…

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  • Now this is a lot of lights

    Creating the ultimate Christmas display

    PlanetChristmas Magazine has featured in the past, “Over the Top” displays, all of which, I have admired. There have been articles written for newbie’s and getting them pointed in the right direction, topics on planning, and executing a display, and even discussions on various display elements. However, one concept has not been talked about directly, what truly makes a display something magical, special or unique. What is it that creates a buzz about what you do? What gets everyone talking about YOUR display? What puts your display on the “Bucket List of Christmas Celebrations?” I refer to this as the…

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  • Christmas blowmolds

    Blowmolds are back!

    The blow mold industry is starting to return and the interest in the inflatable market is going the way the blow molds did in the early 90’s. Quality of the new inflatables is declining and materials are getting thinner and cheaper. Blow mold production is coming back with the return of Union Cado and the returned interest from Prime Plastics. Collectors are finding that blow molds are cheaper to buy, last longer and a joy to trade with friends. I acquired my interested in blow molds in the mid 1960’s as I was growing up and would travel around with…

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  • Make money from the holidays

    10 ways to get into the Christmas business

    This is the time of year when some of us start thinking about how we can make money getting into the Christmas business. It’s got to be easy, right? Christmas expenditures are over $465,000,000,000 (that’s 465 Billion dollars) per year according to market studies. It includes decorations, gifts, food, and about anything Christmas related you can think of. No matter how you look at Christmas, there’s a huge amount of money being spent. Rather than spending money during the holidays, it might make sense to consider taking advantage of the season and making money. The good news is there are…

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  • Holiday birdhouse with plenty of details

    Holiday birdhouse

    Need we say more? Just in case: at Gardendecoraccents.com you will find an enchanting selection of garden fountains, garden statues, solar powered garden accents, hammocks, garden gnomes, picnic backpacks, birdhouses, garden lanterns, home accents, nautical decor, plus much more! This article was included in the September 2014 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine. By Jennifer Stevens

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  • It's a cow couch

    Indoor decorating… differently

    Animals Galore Animals are an integral part of our lives. They are pets, some people raise them, and most of the world relies on them for nourishment. We added some amazing animal pieces to our collection of polyresins to commemorate their importance. With several county, 4-H, and state fairs happening during the summer months, our new cow bench and pig chair could be a fantastic addition to your booth if you are a vendor. They would also make great gifts for 4-H participants who spend hours and hours raising, grooming, and proudly showing their animals! Our cow bench, standing (well,…

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  • Northern Lights

    Not the rumor mill again?

    All this time us elves thought we were watching Mother Nature’s Northern Lights up in the sky but we’re no longer so sure. My shift is still talking about those over-the-top Christmas displays seen on some TV show called ‘Great American Light Fight’ last Christmas. I’m thinking our December based Northern Lights are really the glow from some of those houses. Good job, decorators! The big man in red gave us a Spring Break this year. Most elves headed south in search of warm weather beaches. Not me. I wound up on some enormous cruise ship floating around the Caribbean.…

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  • Use ropelight to make your own statement

    Indoor decorating with a flair

    DIY Room Transformations We get tons of questions from our customers when they are preparing to order. From how many lights to put on their Christmas tree to which ornament color combinations are best for their room, via email and phone, customers know we are here to help. The most common question, however, is, “How do I use some of these wonderful products year-round?” We have some answers for that one as well! Small decorative touches can transform any room. To help redefine your room, you’ll need a mason jar, some string lights, a hot glue gun, and some gem…

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  • As seen on TV

    I was on ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight

    Now that everything is put away, the dust has settled, and the check is cashed, I thought I’d take a few minutes to share our experience with the ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight, in hopes that those of you who may be sitting on the fence about applying will take the leap and participate in Season 2. Our family and our display, “Christmas in the Grove” were the winners of Episode 4. When It All Started We were contacted in Dec 2012 by a production company that was putting the show together. I guess someone scoured the light finder…

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