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Heavenly angel
Heavenly angel

Like having the perfect shoes to match your dress, your Christmas tree needs the right accessories to make it look completely stunning.

One of the Christmas tree accessories that we simply cannot do without is a tree topper. Whether handed down from one generation to the next or bought from a local store on clearance, tree toppers make a big difference on the appearance of your Christmas tree.

Here are some Christmas tree topper ideas that you can do on your own.

Heavenly Angel

The Heavenly Angel (shown here) is a classic favorite tree topper and brings a touch of grace to your holiday décor. With a craft cone as topper base, wrap white or jewel-toned fabric around the base and secure the ends with hot glue to form the angel’s dress. Attach a porcelain head or a small round Styrofoam ball to the base with a toothpick. Using hot glue, attach a gold plastic ring to the head to serve as the halo.

Pearl Tree Topper

Pearl tree topper
Pearl tree topper

Pearls not only look elegant when worn; they also look fantastic on top of a Christmas tree! To make a pearl tree topper, you will need pearl beads of different sizes. String the beads to eight four-inch head pins, from smallest to biggest. Make sure there is equal number of beads on each pin. Fasten the beads to the back of two cabochons using double-sided tape, forming a sunray figure. Press the cabochons firmly to ensure that the pins will not fall off. Use a craft wire to attach the pearl tree topper to your tree.

Poinsettia Bouquet

Poinsettia bouquet
Poinsettia bouquet

Poinsettia flowers add a splash of color to Christmas trees. Using faux Poinsettia blooms, tie the flowers using a ribbon or floral wire to form a bouquet. Secure the bouquet on top of the tree using the excess floral wire or ribbon. To add shimmer to the blooms, mix ordinary glue and silver glitter. Use a small paintbrush to apply the mixture to the edges of the flowers. Let the flowers dry before attaching them to the tree.

Flowing Ribbons

Cascading ribbons look impressive on any Christmas tree. This very easy-to-do tree topper only takes minutes to create. A satin ribbon tied into a bow, with the ends hanging down the Christmas tree, look dainty on any evergreen. Choose a colorful ribbon that is at least one-inch wide. You can also use wired ribbons to make shaping a lot easier.

Elegant Feathers

Elegant feathers
Elegant feathers

Faux feathers lend a glamorous look to your Christmas tree. Colorful peacock feathers arranged to form a “V” make for a sassy Christmas tree décor. You can also choose other plumes, dye them in festive colors of your choice, and wire the bottom of the feathers together using a craft wire. Extend a few inches of the wire downwards so that you can secure your fanciful décor on top of your tree. Another option is to use individual faux pheasant feathers into the top of your tree. Add a few bird ornaments and red berry branches for woodland-themed holiday décor.


This article was included in the July 2012 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Sarah Pulaski

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