A Better/Cheaper RGB Pixel Matrix Solution?

Cheap TVs might be the solution

I’ve been thinking about adding some sort of pixel matrix to my Christmas display so I could do more messages, graphics and video.  A P10 RGB panel display or pixel mesh solution was going to run a minimum of $600 plus a lot of labor but I would have a low resolution RGB panel prop to really add pazazz to the layout.


Then I walked through a local big box store and saw a 50″ TV for $200.  For about $100 I could build a weatherproof enclosure and have a hi-definition screen in my Christmas display.  As an extra benefit I could have a TV on my back porch the rest of the year.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  This is sounding like a pretty easy decision.  I’m seeing a new prop in my display this year.

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