So many LED based Christmas lights

Half fact, half rumor and half wild speculation

I’m not worried. Well, maybe a little. It’s been the oddest thing. Until this year we’ve been quite self-sufficient at the North Pole. When we needed raw material to build another line of toys we just went to the shelf and there was everything we could possibly need. I’ll admit I was on vacation in January but way too many elves stuck here in the workshop told me about all the corporate jets flying in for behind-closed-doors meetings with Santa. I just assumed the big man in red was working on some sort of grand surprise party for all us hard workers. Since there’s been no wingding and it’s October it’s obvious something else is up. Now we’re seeing a never-ending parade of trucks hauling in big shipping containers. The worst part is every time one of these things arrives it’s a mad rush to empty it in less than two hours so the container can head back to foreign lands to be refilled. Weird. We used to build everything but now we’re getting into distribution and this is starting to turn into real work. I keep looking for the silver lining in this dark cloud and maybe it’s so Santa can get a sneak peek at the latest trends in decorating as this stuff passes through the warehouse. Yeah. That’s it.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen so many LED based Christmas lights. Apart from the normal minis, C6’s, C7’s and C9’s, now we’re seeing strobes, strawberries, dripping snow and even fireworks. The elves tell me the quality is improving quite a bit from the early days (was that 2007?) Everything is brighter and appears more durable. Although there are no tree huggers at the North Pole (since we have no trees), when a tree hugger finds you and complains about all your Christmas lights consuming too much electricity, say you’re LED based and use less electricity than their florescent light. So there!

Got pretty tired of listening to Christmas vendors complaining how people weren’t spending money like in the good old days (I assume they meant 2007, again.) Something happened Labor Day and suddenly all the vendors got busy. I’m thinking that’s a good thing. I’ve been told for resellers the Christmas season is Labor Day through Pearl Harbor Day. Things are a bit different here at the North Pole. It’s busy every day of the year, except for Christmas and we get that day off only because Santa’s on the road. Thank goodness for our strong elf-centric labor union and vacation!

Enough complaining! People south of us are saying Christmas decorations are starting to pop up at the Hobby Lobby’s, Lowe’s and Mernard’s. Why people take the decorations down to begin with remains a mystery to this small footed elf. I’m with PlanetChristmas. All Christmas, all the time!

This article was included in the October 2009 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By N. B. Scuttlebutt

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