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PlanetChristmas started it all with the original worldwide decorating contest back when we were all newbies. Every year more people get excited about decorating for Christmas and Franklin Flair in Nashville, Tennessee didn’t let us down. It’s one thing to put out a bunch of lights, but Franklin computerized them as well as built a castle in his front yard. The judges were most impressed. Here are some details in his own words:

Franklin Flair in front of his over-the-top display
Franklin Flair in front of his over-the-top display

My display started back in September with the building of a castle. This is not an ordinary or small castle but a structure 14’ high by 30’ wide. It has three towers, one on both ends and one in the middle. The center tower is two stories allowing you to go up on the second level and look over. In front of the castle stands an 11 foot Marine soldier nutcracker in his dress blues. This is my way to show support for all the men and women in the armed services.

Both the castle and the nutcracker were built by hand. Neither had any blueprints nor were they copied from anyone else’s work. I also have an 8 foot wide x 8 foot long x 10 foot high gingerbread house. It comes with M&M’s, mints, frosting and other candies that are proportional to the gingerbread house. In the yard there are four foot lollypops with wrappers on them. I also have four foot gingerbread boys and girls. One of the boys has a sad face because someone bit off his arm. The columns were built by hand using wood and foam boards. The fence is constructed using electric conduit and wood strips. All the lights flash in sequence with the music. I currently have 64 light channels with five songs that play over an FM transmitter so people can listen inside their car. To watch the people with their children drive by and set for a few minutes, point out different things and listen to the music makes me feel great.


This article was included in the November 2009 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Franklin Flair

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