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I dressed up as a miniature Hyatt employee and got in free to that re-PLUS event in Louisville on August 1st in Louisville. It wasn’t until the end of the day after I had stacked 200 chairs and filled a dumpster with trash I found out the event was free for everyone. As Homer the elf would say: DOH! To make things even worse, wearing that Hyatt employee uniform meant I couldn’t keep any of the PlanetChristmas bling Chuck was tossing out at every opportunity. Caps, shirts, coffee cups, cookbooks, LED necklaces, ducks, lapel pins. Wow. Where did he get all that loot? I’ve never seen so many people walking out with bags of free stuff. Not too shabby for a free event. Chuck kept talking about making millions of lifelong memories and family traditions. I’m pretty sure he made a couple of hundred in Louisville.

The Learning Channel on cable TV is still scouting houses for this year’s show called Invasion of the Christmas Lights! They want displays setup in early November since the show airs December 6. Keep your eyes open for emails from the producers. Think about your 15 minutes of fame and how you’ll handle it.

Rumors abound auto-sequencing of lights to music is coming sooner than expected. The idea of flashing the lights to any music without having to slave over a hot computer for hours/days/weeks just for one song is most intriguing. Simple enough for Momma Elf to use. Now we’re talking. Finally I’ll see lights dancing to my favorite 70’s disco music and the tune: Disco Elf Inferno.

Santa and Mrs. Claus were lounging around the heated pool a few days ago looking at their old photo album. Santa has always been a bit on the chubby side but when Coca-Cola came out with their picture of him in 1931, he finally had a target of what he wanted to look like and from then on there was never a dessert he didn’t like. He did get to laughing when he stumbled on the 2006 Santa cake from a mini-PLUS down in Texas. Santa in a cowboy hat. The elves are still laughing at that one.

Oops. Gotta get back to work. The big guy in red is heading our way. I hear him eating the potato chips we left in his office.


From the August 2009 edition of PlanetChristmas Magazine

by Master Elf N. B. Scuttlebutt

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