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Been hearing some weird rumors from participants in the 2014 version of ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight. Decorating started sometime during the second week in September with final judging three weeks later. I’m thinking getting excited about your big Christmas reveal in early October could be challenging. Since participants aren’t allowed to tell anyone what they’re doing the neighbors might get a bit irritated seeing a big Christmas display weeks before Halloween. I’m guessing the timing is really convenient for the TV people having to create something for airing in December but if I was a contest participant, I’d be thinking Christmas is coming way too early this year.

The July Christmas show wars continue. This year it was Conroe, Texas vs. Biloxi, Mississippi in the not-so-cool month of July. Hot or humid, take your pick. In Conroe they were frying eggs on the sidewalk and in Biloxi they were sweating like a Coke bottle at a summer barbecue. Luckily both events were inside well air conditioned buildings. Which show was better? Not going there. Why don’t they just combine these things so we can have one yearly event? Would it hurt to have it close to a descent airport? If only Santa would put me in charge of the world!

One could get the impression RGB pixel technology is taking over the way everyone decorates. As Chuck likes to say: any bulb, any color, anytime. Apparently the eye candy in the vendor room at one of the above shows was just about more than lighters could stand. All the components were available for some incredible over-the-top displays this Christmas season. I’m thinking you decorators need to be careful and not become so enamored with the technology you forget about the audience. Too much in-your-face-wow-effects runs counter to those warm and fuzzy Christmas time memories people cherish. Words to the wise: don’t get carried away with the decorating.

Then there’s Ray Wu. He’s all-but-worshipped by some in the bloody-cutting-edge pixel world. Some saw him on a video conference call at Christmas Expo. A thick accent and bad meeting hall sound didn’t mean everyone understood him, though. He’s read some American management books because he’s got the best products, pricing and service. Pretty sure that’s a standard line with every company. So what do you do if you have a bad string of lights in December? Send them back to China for replacement but you’re paying the shipping and don’t expect to see anything for months. I dunno. Buying local makes sense to this old-timer.

What’s going to be big this year? Your guess is as good as mine but I’m seeing plenty of movement with indoor decorating. Lots of garland and glitter on traditional holiday pieces. Battery operated LEDs are going to be everywhere. It’s about time. Our factory is looking like a dump. Time to refresh the decorations!


This article was included in the September 2014 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Master Elf N. B. Scuttlebutt

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