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Animals Galore

The cow couch
The cow couch

Animals are an integral part of our lives. They are pets, some people raise them, and most of the world relies on them for nourishment. We added some amazing animal pieces to our collection of polyresins to commemorate their importance.

With several county, 4-H, and state fairs happening during the summer months, our new cow bench and pig chair could be a fantastic addition to your booth if you are a vendor. They would also make great gifts for 4-H participants who spend hours and hours raising, grooming, and proudly showing their animals!

Our cow bench, standing (well, lying actually) an incredible 4’6” tall, is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The seat portion is comprised of the cows belly and back. This spectacular bench would be a perfect acquisition for someone who markets their products at a booth during one or more of these 4-H fair events especially during the holidays. The customers are going to love that you’ve incorporated the animal theme into your booth.
Another new animal product this year is the pig chair. The pig stands tall and would be a perfect complement to the cow bench. The seat portion, just like the cow bench, is comprised of the pigs belly and back. Pairing the two may become addictive though, so proceed with caution!

These two pieces would be a great way for someone raised around animals to get a piece of that back, without the smell of actual animals or the responsibility of feeding and grooming them. These can be used as furniture in your home, or they would make great seating options to a porch or garden area. Adding the cow bench and/or pig chair to a nativity that people have access to and frequent would be another option.

Need help with more ideas for your new cow and pig? We are always here to help and always full of décor ideas, so give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to help you find a way to incorporate these beauties into your theme or décor.

Honorable Warrior

Honorable warrior, that’s what the color burgundy represents. Burgundy reminds you to stand up for yourself, someone else, or a cause you are passionate about. That’s precisely why we chose burgundy ornaments to add to our ornament collection this year!

Ornaments are so versatile, you can use them for nearly any project year-round. There is sure to be a color to suit your needs, but since burgundy is the newest addition to the collection, here are some great options to help you decorate in your home using this color palette.

Centerpieces are a wonderful place to start when using ornaments to add a pop to your décor. Since ornaments come in several different sizes, you can combine not only different colors, but different sizes, to add more depth to your centerpieces. Start with a glass container of your choosing, toss in your ornament choices (some colors that would work well with burgundy would be matte gold, olive green, and purple) and then toss in some small accent to match your theme/occasion. For instance, you could use the centerpieces at tables for a wedding reception and add baby’s breath. If you’re using your centerpieces this fall at home, toss in some twigs and set one on your dining room table and another on your mantle.

Color sample
Color sample

A fall wreath would work well with this color scheme as well. Start with sequoia or mixed blend wreaths. Add the ornaments of your choice, then add some small twigs, and viola, a wonderful fall wreath!

Of course, there’s always the obvious choice for burgundy ornaments – a burgundy themed Christmas tree!

Picks: A How-To Guide

Picks are fabulous tools for your DIY needs. Picks are the perfect addition to add some personality to your tree, wreath, or garland. They can also be ideal for a quick centerpiece or mantle décor when combined with some ornaments. But using picks in creative ways is just the tip of the iceberg.

Colorful pick
Colorful pick

Picks are so versatile, they can be used in several different DIY projects. A favorite décor piece for many DIY decorators (if you ever watch any DIY television) are tall (3’-5’), slender, glass vases that you can fill with virtually anything and stand in a corner. They add a touch of class and elegance, and can be changed with the season or a specific theme. Let’s start with a fall themed idea. Fall brings with it several things from the sky that aren’t prevalent any other time of year – specifically acorns! Acorns can be somewhat of a nuisance, but when you transform them, they can become things of beauty.

Start by collecting enough acorns to fill your vase (which can more than likely be found at your local thrift shop or craft store) about 3/4ths of the way from the top. Paint the acorn bottoms in colors you wouldn’t expect for fall – blue, pink, yellow, purple – using craft paint. Once the paint dries, you can layer some of the acorns in the vase, and then add a layer of the pick of your choice. We have several to choose from. Add another layer of acorns, then another layer of picks. You can make each layer as thick or thin as you like until you’ve reached the top of your vase. Another option would be to stand a pick up on the inside (against the vase) as you fill with acorns instead of layering them in. This gives you two different looks, so experiment and find out what you like! You could do both if you like.

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This article was included in the September 2014 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Melanie Street and Tarah Fred

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