The Rumor Mill keeps grinding it out

Half fact, half rumor and half wild speculation after Labor Day.

Santa gave us Labor Day off with one little caveat. We had to promise to return the next day ready to work around the clock until December 24. Seems the world is in a growth spurt since the population recently crossed the seven billion mark. All I know is that’s a seven with way-too-many zeroes after it. I’m one of the older elves and it doesn’t seem that long ago when Santa was using the million word instead of billion. There’s a lot more of you on the face of the planet but still only us elves at the North Pole cranking out the toys. Looking for a job? If you have big ears and you’re less than 36” tall, let’s talk.

Judging from the Wal-Mart, Target and Menard’s reports I’m getting, the big boxes are expecting a grand Christmas decorating season this year. They’re allocating more floor space for lights, garland and trees. Word to the wise: get your decorations now before the stores are swarmed the last half of November. Fluffy garland looks better than the stuff that’s been run over by all the shopping carts.

LED technology is getting almost too good in 2012. Some resellers are complaining that the pre-lit Christmas trees using LEDs are too bright and people will be asking for the old fashioned ‘dim’ trees… aka: incandescent lights. I remember back in the old incandescent C9 bulb days when turning on the Christmas tree in the elf dorm would dim all the lights over at the factory. I’m starting to see a niche for LED tree dimmers. How ironic.

Seems RGB is trying to take over the Christmas decorating world. I can almost understand why. Any bulb can be any color at any time. The Minleon Triklits are pretty amazing, except maybe for that price of $2-7/light. Ouch! LightShowPro makes programing them easier but let’s not forget Christmas is when people get excited about thousands (or billions) of little points of lights. That single bulb RGB pricing will get you a 100 of those old fashioned minilights. I’m just saying…

Word on the street has it that the Christmas Décor national franchise now has a dancing show option for their customers and Light-O-Rama is behind the scenes. Don’t have the time to put out your own Christmas decorations and wow the neighbors with lights flashing to the music? Now there’s an easy way. What’s the best part? Christmas Décor takes down the decorations after the season.

Ooooppppsssss. Here comes the man in red and he looks stressed. The big countdown numbers on the wall say we have another 2,384,378,703 toys to go before Christmas Eve. Back to work!

This article was included in the November 2012 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Master Elf N. B. Scuttlebutt

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