Christmas Expo 2013

Meet the new people in charge of everything

As the new owners of the Christmas Expo, Joyce Perhac with ProShow, Inc. and Janice Blasko from The Abbey Group couldn’t be more excited to express their love of the holiday through this event. They are sisters, who each own their own separate businesses and have collaborated over the past 20 years on projects and events that reflect their passions and are close to their hearts.

Joyce is the owner of ProShow, Inc., a meeting and event planning company based in Pittsburgh, PA. She has over 25 years experience in planning events for non-profits, special interest groups and corporate businesses. Joyce is a member of Meeting Professionals International and has been featured on the cover of Successful Meetings magazine. She is also the owner and driving force behind Foxfire Management, Inc., a company that provides management services to non-profit organizations all over the country.

Janice is the owner of The Abbey Group, a website development company in Orlando, Florida that specializes in small business and non-profit organizations. She is also the owner of, having purchased the site from its original owner. Janice is a dedicated Christmas light enthusiast, attended PLUS (the precursor event to Christmas Expo) in 2005 and has participated in the local mini-PLUS events in Orlando as well.

Their love of all things Christmas started when they were kids and has grown to include not only decorating both of their homes inside and out (you’ll often see the exact same decoration in both houses because if one likes it, she’s sure the other one will too!), but endless hours of holiday baking as well. In fact, they have continued one tradition for years where they alternate the annual baking of the sugar cookies and ship off boxes of cookies to the other. When Joyce moved in to her new home shortly before Christmas, they spent hours on the phone with a picture of the house on both of their computer screens and chose items online to decorate the outside. A number of UPS deliveries later, Joyce’s house was fully decorated for the holidays.

After talking to Chuck about Christmas Expo and his desire to expand the event even though he didn’t have the resources, they knew they were the perfect pair for the job.

The 2013 ChristmasExpo will again be held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center on July 11-13. Event details and registrations will be available through the website. Future plans are to make Christmas Expo an annual event based in Gatlinburg in odd years and in various locations around the country in even years. Joyce and Janice both welcome your suggestions on future locations, as well as any ideas you may have to make Christmas Expo a spectacular event.

With new owners comes change; however, Joyce elaborated “We have no plans to change the established format of the show. We will continue to include classes and a vendor hall while also promoting camaraderie and fun for all attendees. Our goal is to build on the great base that has already been established and to continue to grow this show as the premier Christmas event. We are excited to be a part of the community and look forward to meeting and decorating with each of you!”

If you are interested in exhibiting in 2013, you may request a vendor prospectus by contacting: Proposals are also being accepted for anyone who is interested in presenting a class or workshop. If you have questions, or would just like to chat, feel free to contact Joyce at 800-249-3154 or Janice at 407-679-9201. You can also keep a close eye on

This article was included in the July 2012 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Joyce Perhac and Janice Blasko

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