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Cool arctic colors
Cool arctic colors

Cool Arctic Colors

Arctic. Put your fertile mind to work and we bet you can imagine the North Pole, polar bears and really cold weather; like arctic conditions. We drew from the word arctic to create a stunning collection of ornaments that with each glance will transport you to a chilling state of being.

White, silver, clear, aqua, and blue come together to perfectly mesh in garlands and wreaths of various sizes. They’re sure to be a hit in any room and for any season. The arctic collection will be perfect to enhance your holiday display this season, but don’t put it off until November. Start planning for it now.

The clear, cool feel of the arctic collection will mix well with the new beginnings of Spring. Like dew on the fresh leaves in the morning, the sparkling ornaments will dance on the greenery of the wreath or garland. Hang it above your mantle, on your front door or place down the center of the dining room table.

Come summer, the feel this arctic collection invokes is sure to cool you off during those hot days. Hang this on the back deck for all those summer parties. Run the garland down the dresser in the spare bedroom so your guests stay cool during those hot summer nights.

The arctic collection greenery would be a perfect starting place for all your special occasion décor, too. Use the color palette as a guide to decorate for that graduation party, wedding reception, prom, or anniversary party. It starts with the greenery over an archway entrance, and continues in the sparkling lights, wrapped trees, and ornament centerpieces. The possibilities will be endless.

Rope light for Spring

Rope lighting
Rope lighting

Decorating with lights is a wonderful way to brighten your décor anytime of the year. We found some wonderful ways to use rope light to do just that.

Start inside with a dramatic effect on an accent wall. Using rope light in your color choice, write some inspiration on the wall. ‘Dream’ or ‘Imagine’ or your surname would be perfect in your living room or any bedroom. All you have to do is choose the color and secure the rope light to the wall with some liquid silicone or guerilla glue found at the local craft store.

Since it’s getting warmer outside, of course we have a wonderful idea to bring spring to your deck or porch as well. You can spruce up your lawn furniture, namely your umbrella, using rope light. By simply securing the rope light to the frame underneath the umbrella, you can create an illuminating effect on your porch or deck. Choose the color that best suits the atmosphere you wish to create and let the magic begin. These would be fairly simple to change colors, creating different themes to match the seasons or events, like a graduation party, birthday party or in support of your favorite sports team.

How do you use our rope light? Have you decorated for spring or used rope light to decorate for a special occasion? With shorter lengths, it’s simple to get exactly the amount

you need for these small, DIY projects and save the larger rolls of rope light for the big projects like lighting your walkway or your deck.

Springing With Lights

Room divider
Room divider

With warmer weather finally here, spring cleaning and maybe some ‘light refreshing’ are a must in most homes. We think lights are a perfect way to turn a dull, drab space into something light, airy, and interesting. We found some fantastic ways to design in lights for spring/summer.

Spring colors can brighten any space; blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple to name a few. They conjure up thoughts of new and fresh. These colors remind us of flowers, grass, fresh new beginnings in nature. Using light, bring these colors into the spaces that have been under a cloud of winter for far too long. It’s a wonderful way to brighten up your home.

Start with a DIY project that’s small, but could be very impactful in any space. You’ll need a canvas (your local craft store can help with this), and some minilights (5mm or M5 will work best) in your favorite colors. You can turn the canvas into anything you would like. Think flowers, a field of grass, or even a waterfall. No matter the theme, you can use lights to transform this canvas into anything! Draw the picture on the back side of the canvas, punch the lights through the canvas, turn them on and watch your design sparkle. Another option would be to punch holes in the canvas and simply secure the lighting to the back of the canvas so they illuminate through your punched holes Hang your masterpiece above the mantle, let it set on the floor or hang it above the bed in the spare room.

Grow your lighting skills and build a room divider. If you find one, remove the fabric. If you build it, just build the frame and it’s all you’ll need for this project. Secure some string lights in any color or pattern you prefer to where the fabric would have been. You can turn this into almost anything as well. If you want to get a little fancier with your project, add some twigs and cover them in lights to replace the fabric. You could place this behind your sofa, in a doorway between rooms, or remove the legs and make it an art piece to hang on any wall.

These are just a few ideas. Find out more in the Winterland store at or give us a call and ask us how we can make your environment shine. 765-664-3918 in the USA.


This article was included in the Spring 2015 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Melanie Street and Tarah Fred

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