Another Over The Top display!

with over 500 blowmolds

The judges agonized over all the entries for the PlanetChristmas Inflatables Category of the 2008 Worldwide decorating contest and unanimously agreed the Liquori house in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York was the hands down winner for not only inflatables but also blowmolds. Let’s just say this one is definitely over the top! Their commitment to the community was inspiring, but it’s obvious what they really need is a bigger yard.
Michael and Rosina Liquori have 25,000 lights, 500 blowmolds, giant toy soldiers, nutcrackers and 40 inflatables. Candy canes and snowflakes are all over the display as well as the sounds of Christmas music. Santa even visits

The Liquori House in Glen Cove
The Liquori House in Glen Cove

on a fire truck every Christmas Eve.

2008 was the 21st year for the Liquori Christmas display. It takes six weeks working at night to set everything up in just the right way. The family gets involved bringing out the blowmolds and they start placing items on the lawn one at a time trying to make sure nothing blocks another. Then the inflatables are placed towards the back since they are the largest pieces in the display. Once all the lights and decorations are up and in just the right place, they start the three days of wiring. The house has twelve dedicated 20 amp circuits to power all the lights and the Liquori’s don’t really want to know how much the display adds to the electric bill during the Christmas season.

Mike and his family do this because of their love of the lights and now it has become their gift to the community.

The Liquori children have grown up with the lights and don’t know anything else so hopefully they’ll keep the tradition going when the time comes. They especially love and enjoy all the visitors stopping by. Many people in the neighborhood have had their children grow up visiting the Liquori display. Be sure and checkout their website at

This article was included in the October 2009 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Fred Gavin

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