The Rumor Mill (again)

Half fact, half rumor and half wild speculation

Labor Day. It’s typically when the politicians kick into high gear. How can you tell when one isn’t telling the truth? Their lips are moving. Sorry, but it’s a really old joke that still works.

What most people don’t realize is Labor Day is also the opening day of the selling season for most Christmas vendors. People are now at least willing to think about Christmas instead of summer vacations. As for us elves, we keep working, even on Labor Day. Too much to do and not enough time. We get Christmas off only because it’s the one day Santa is sleeping late from a night of extensive traveling. Your lovable elves are working the other 364 days a year, though.

Got a secret report from the mini-PLUS gathering in Chicago during that three day weekend known as Labor Day. 80 fanatics at someone’s house in the windy city just to talk Christmas decorating? There apparently was a 20 foot tree of blow molds in the front yard, about a zillion blow molds in the back, plenty of deep dish pizza and something called “Peculiar” beer. What is wrong with you people? You’re supposed to be at the lake and celebrating the semi-last days of warm and snow-free Summer!

Rumors are rampant about slow delivery and not-exactly-low prices for LED Christmas lights this year. Take a stroll into your big box electronics store and see why. Giant screen LED TVs are becoming quite the thing to purchase. Seems manufacturers can make LEDs for TVs or Christmas lights but struggle with both. Back during the Watergate years we learned the phrase “follow the money.” I’m no economics professor but I can’t help but think there’s more money to be made making fancy TVs than commodity Christmas lights. What would I do? Buy a couple dozen 60” LED big screen TVs and built a video mega-tree in your front yard. LEDs, TVs and Christmas lights. That’s the perfect combination!

Got a sneak peek of this magazine before it went to press. So they’re changing the name of PLUS, huh? I’m not surprised the pros have been lurking in the shadows and watch what the home decorators do but I am surprised so many decorators have dreams of turning pro. Christmas year round… I’m quite familiar with the concept and recommend it highly. I do want to volunteer for that social chairman job, though. I’m sensing if it comes down to a choice between say, Paris Hilton and me it’s a slam dunk. Tall, blonde party girl or short, grouchy elf? Get ready Gatlinburg, here I come!

I’m getting mixed reports on new Christmas light displays anticipated for this year. The Gulf coast economy in the USA took real hit with that little oil leak during the summer months and they’re struggling to get back on their feet, financially. Other parts of the world are bragging about building the biggest and best Christmas displays ever. There’s talk of a 110’ animated tree somewhere in central America and a huge display in a NASCAR racetrack on the east coast. Seems Christmas is even picking up again in Dubai. Don’t believe all that economy negativity in the papers. The world really is getting better.

So much more to say but no more room.

This article was included in the September 2010 issue of PlanetChristmas Magazine.

By Master Elf N. B. Scuttlebutt

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